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This simple assignment is going to take you up to 20-30 minutes

Our promise: we will go through your assignment and give you a well-deserved feedback

Fact: 60% of our interns became employees in 2020-2021

Step 0a

For Erasmus+ internships only
  1. Can you get an Erasmus+ scholarship for your internship? Yes/No
  2. If yes, for how long you would like to do the internship? (⚠️ the minimum is 5 months; the maximum – 12 months)
  3. When you would like to start? (mm/yyyy)

Complete your assignment (with all the relevant steps) in one .docx or .pdf document. Download an optional template for answers here ›

Step 0b

Tik norintiems atlikti praktiką “Aktyviam jaunime”
  1. Pasirink komandą, prie kurios norėtumei prisijungti (sąrašas – čia)
  2. Jeigu konkrečiai žinai, į kokią komandą norėtum prisijungti, kviečiame tai paminėti ir trumpai paaiškinti kodėl (⚠️ iki 5 sakinių)
  3. Kada norėtumei pradėti / užbaigti praktiką? (202x/mėn – 202x/mėn) (⚠️ min. trukmė: 3 mėn.)

Complete your assignment (with all the relevant steps) in one .docx or .pdf document. Download an optional template for answers here ›

Step 1

For everyone

Make a video about yourself (⚠️ length: up to 90s) & attach it to the e-mail (quality doesn’t matter):

  • Briefly introduce yourself
  • Briefly tell the main reason (choose one) you want to join Active Youth
  • Briefly tell us about an achievement or your project (choose one), which makes you proud
  • Briefly tell us what’s your favourite movie, book or something else (choose one) and why

Languages accepted: 🇬🇧, 🇱🇹

The video should be saved as as separate file (accepted types: .avi, .mp4, .mov) or provided as a link

Step 2

(choose one: A, B, C, D or E)
Task A (no need to do this if you’ve chosen B, C, D or E)

One focus of ours is to raise awareness among the public. Thus, your current task is to write: (1) a short article (which should be suitable for publication on our news’ section) and (2) a caption for Facebook post for that article.

  • Languages accepted: 🇬🇧, 🇱🇹
  • The article should ⚠️ not be longer than 1000 characters (with spaces). The heading must be inviting to read/click
  • Facebook caption should be catchy and ‘invite’ people to read/engage with the story (no longer than 140 characters (with spaces))
B (no need to do this if you’ve chosen A, C, D or E)

Situation: Active Youth organises a hackathon for social initiatives (10 teams competing), yet they have no one to plan the awards ceremony. So, they turn to you and give you the following:

  • Event duration: 2-3 hours
  • Event format: educational part + presentation of hackathon results / awards
  • Budget: 1300 €

Hence, your current task:

  1. Come up with ideas for the event that would fit the given budget
  2. Create the script (plan) for the event (must not be bigger than 1 A4 page) (make sure it’s within the suggested duration)
  3. Make a list of tasks required to successfully organise such an event
C (no need to do this if you’ve chosen A, B, D or E)

Active Youth is a platform to establish and launch your ideas and make impact. We provide the resources, but it is your idea and your drive that we need. Hence, your current task is to visualize / draw a plan for your dream (social) initiative. Interested?

  • It can be hand-drawn or visualized digitally. The visual must not be bigger than 1 A4 page
  • We recommended including the following: social issue / problem -> activity(-ies) you would like to implement -> result(s) (i.e. the impact you desire)
  • The key is to make it understandable for others (not just for yourself 😊)
D (no need to do this if you’ve chosen A, B, C or E)

The topic of the Erasmus+ youth exchange that you are organising is tolerance. Unfortunately, the participants seem bored and inactive.

  • What kind of non-formal activities would you make to boost their energy? Pick three and describe them (⚠️ up to 1000 characters (with spaces) in total)
  • You can also (skip text and) use graphics, screenshots, etc. Yet, ensure the task fits into 1 A4 page
E (no need to do this if you’ve chosen A, B, C or D)

Complete your assignment (with all the relevant steps) in one .docx or .pdf document. Download an optional template for answers here ›

We will scan the answers for excessive AI-generated content; thus, please do not abuse it.

Step 3

For everyone
  1. ⚠️ Choose 2 (not all 4) of the following sentences and finish them:
    • Even though I lack …
    • If I could …
    • The best thing is to …
    • I really hate when …
  2. Three words that pop into your mind when you think about Active Youth: …

Please complete your assignment (with all relevant steps) in one .docx or .pdf document

Step 4

For everyone

Comment (each line: up to 140 characters (with spaces)) on your skills/level* with/of:

Leading/organising events
Photoshop, Canva.org or similar
Social networks & marketing (E.g., Facebook ads, IG reels, TikTok)
Making great presentations/videos
Writing (articles, posts, proposals, etc.) and/or prompting AI (e.g., ChatGPT)
Some other skill you’d like to mention (optional)

We don’t hire for skills (i.e., they are not a must). We hire for attitude (willingness to learn).

Congratulations! You are done

Now submit the form below

Make sure you’ve followed the length limits (⚠️ they are there for a reason).

We do not need your CV. There are far more important things in life

    If you cannot submit the above form, please send the completed tasks in one .docx or .pdf document to augustinas@akt.lt. The video (step 1) should be enclosed or provided as a link.