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How Project Tank Works?


Choose a wanted project call (e.g. Norway Grants)


Get an online fill-in form with clear questions, pro tips & sample answers. Start grant writing


Get instant suggestions for improvement as you write


When done download a submission-ready proposal in .docx format


Submit, celebrate & say cheers to Project Tank. Get Free Trial (no strings attached)

FAQs: grant writing helper

Project Tank is a web-based project / grant writing helper. Its idea is to allow users to get an excellent submit-ready proposal in an user-friendly way. The trick is done by making those rather complicated / confusing / insert-your-adjective questions of various project calls easy to answer.

To put it as simply as possible:

  1. You choose a project call. Or, if you are not sure what’s the most suitable for your project idea, Project Tank can make a reasonable suggestion for you.
  2. You’re brought over to an online form. Which takes all the questions you would find in the project application form and divides them to smaller (clearer) sub-questions.
  3. Each sub-question has pro tips (dos & don’ts) and sample answers.
  4. Also, as you write Project Tank gives you suggestions for improvement (e.g. use a numbering list instead of the previous sentences).
  5. Once you are all done with the application, you can download it in .docx format (for submission).

Voila! Project Tank has just made you an excellent project writer.

Our test users had mostly mentioned the following:

  • Project application has been made much clearer with Project Tank
  • Pro tips given were really eye-openning (and helpful for all-kind of formal writing)
  • Sample answers below every question is a great source of ideas
  • Instant suggestions while writing allow you to stay on the right path

At the moment project writing helper is available for most EU / EEA project calls. Among them:

  • Erasmus+ KA1/KA2/KA3
  • Erasmus+ Capacity Building
  • Erasmus+ in the Field of Sports
  • European Social Fund
  • Norway Grants
  • EYF
  • and more

Note that Project Tank is being continously updated with data from new grant writing & fresh project calls from Europe and beyond.

We are planning to launch the project / grant writing helper in the second half of 2020. Early access (free of charge) will be given to those, who preregister until August 2020.

The simpliest way is to click on the Get Free Trial button & fill-in the quick form.

Once the project writing helper is ready, you will be given early access to its best features (free of charge).

The pricing will depend on the project call. That is, grant writing helper for more complicated / more extensive project calls will be slightly more expensive. Yet, we intend to keep the costs reasonably low, as Project Tank is a for-purpose organisation.

Bad news: at the moment the pricing table is not ready.
Good news: we will keep on providing our users with free resources and tips for grant writing. See useful links at the bottom of the page.

Our team works with projects since 2014. In those years, we have submitted and got 100s of projects approved. These included many different project calls, themes, locations and budgets (from 10k to 1.5 mil.). It’s not far-fetched to say, our expertise in project / grant writing is among the top in Europe.

Absolutely, our team can:

  • provide consultations
  • mentor you throughout the writing process
  • write the project proposal (with your ideas & input)

Simply contact us to see what’s the best option for you (fill the form below).

Rated Excellent on Trustpilot

grant writing for eu funding testimonial photo

Kaan Akocha

project tank rating

We have been stuck at some point that we wouldn’t express our ideas, plans and dreams by words. Then Active Youth (developers of Project Tank) from Lithuania appeared with their grant writing support. We’ve got EU funding and increased our NGO capacity almost 3 times.

es projektų rašymas atsiliepimas

Fortunate Greco

project tank rating

I was using Active Youth (Project Tank creators) consultation for Erasmus+ application. They approach every project individually. They’ve a huge experience in EU project writing & implementation. When you have an idea but you don’t know how to put it on paper they can definitely help you. 10/10

project tank review placeholder image

Tomasz Jenkelewicz

project tank rating

Had few problems with our Erasmus+ application. Unsuccessfully applied 3 times before consulting with Active Youth Projects. They helped me to improve project application and it finally got EU funding. Strongly recommend

grant writing for EU funding review photo

Radek Smolka

project tank rating

I’m more than satisfied with the grant writing service. We used it for one big social project (EU funding – €500000) which was approved from the first time! Best price on the market and top quality. Loved to work with you. True professionals!

Grant Writing Tip #7: never put all the answer in one paragraph

About Project Tank

HQ: Vilnius, Lithuania
Since: 2014
Purpose: make project writing doable for anyone
Team: 18 writers, designers, youth workers and good people overall
We speak: 🇬🇧 🇱🇹 🇪🇸 🇵🇱
Message to you: rock that project call, tiger 🐯

About Project Tank

HQ: Vilnius, Lithuania
Since: 2014
Purpose: make project writing doable for anyone
Team: 18 writers, designers, youth workers and good people overall
We speak: 🇬🇧 🇱🇹 🇪🇸 🇵🇱
Message to you: rock that project call, tiger 🐯


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