Migrant Talent Garden is a project that aims to help migrants develop their entrepreneurial skills, support them in business establishment, and gather a business-minded community.

It supports you in the process of the business establishment by mentorship; training courses; free working space & events in the business acceleration program.

You can find Migrant Talent Garden hubs in Lithuania, Latvia, Greece, Bulgaria, and Croatia. Also, you can guidance on the business establishment in Norway and Iceland.

You can participate in capacity training to understand if owning a business is for you. In short, it’s an event series on various business topics, where everyone can participate. On the other hand, only the ones, who will go through the selection process will have a chance to participate in the acceleration program.

During the acceleration program, the participants will develop their business idea to a minimum viable product / functioning business.

The planned beginning of acceleration programme is in 2020 wintertime.

You will get a chance to develop a business idea with the support of business experts. Moreover, you will get the chance to be part of the community and participate in startup educational events, workshops, and meetings with mentors.

Belonging to a migrant community is the main criteria for participation in the MTG project incubation and training programme for migrants. Specifically, the programme is designed for people who have a recognised legal status and will stay in partner countries for more than two years. Priority will be given to young adults of 20-29 years old. However, the application of motivated older candidates, preferably with a concrete business idea, will also be taken under consideration.

The acceleration is planned to last for 6 months.

The planned beginning of acceleration programme is in 2021 spring.

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Yes. This programme is free of charge.

12 weekly workshops of capacity building will be for everybody that is interested in starting a business. These workshops will be focused on how to develop an idea, test it, present it and start building it. Themes:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Customer development
  • Creating and testing an idea
  • Product development
  • Business model
  • Sales & distribution channels
  • Branding
  • Public relations
  • Management & teamwork
  • Finance
  • Accounting (basic)
  • Low of establishment

The selection process for incubation consists of 2 stages:

  1. At first, people who want to participate will have to fill in the forms where questions about their age, legal status, personal qualities, and business ideas will be asked. Also, proof of legal status will be required. This is the first sampling based on the main criteria of the project. The participants who meet the requirements of the project will be invited to the second selection phase.
  2. An interview is the second step of the selection process. During the interviews, individual skills, competencies, goals, motivation and cultural knowledge will be evaluated. The participants with a profitable business concept or experience will have a priority to attend the Entrepreneurs group. An interview will be led by people from MTG and a local incubator/accelerator.

The incubation programme for entrepreneurs will be active for 6 months. During this period, three groups will complete training programmes, where great attention will be paid to both economic and social factors.

  1. Incubation: Development. This phase consists of advanced business training/workshops and mentoring. Business courses will provide knowledge about product and service development, final business model, marketing, sales, PR, project and team management, financial literacy, tax calculation, and legal procedural aspects. 
  2. Incubation: Action. The phase consists of final mentorship and training/workshops. The final courses will cover testing business model in a real-market setting with real customers, creation of a financial plan, ways of assessment to business financing and additional funding, and meetings with potential investors. 
  3. Final Step. Final business models will be pitched to potential investors, the registration of individual businesses will be organized and the graduation certificates will be given to each participant. 
  4. Post-incubator: On-demand Support. At the end of the programme, entrepreneurs will be invited to continue with coaching and consultations. On-demand support can be provided by phone, via online chat, email or one-on-one sessions. To ensure the sustainability of the MTG project, its outputs will be available to the public free of charge for at least 5 years after the completion of the project.