Our goal is to help you implement your business idea and turn it into reality.

Migrant Talent Garden (MTG), the project financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment, addresses rising migrant youth unemployment by starting an unique entrepreneurship support programme.

Our main goal is to train, mentor & make sure young migrants have a chance to implement their business ideas.

You will get:


All participants will be given consultations with professional mentors.


12 theoretical and practical trainings with top lecturers to perfect your business skills.


Business needs networks; thus, you will be granted access to specialised networking events.

Working Space

Fully-equipped working space for all businesses in the programme.

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Good Business Tip #1: know your Customer




Representative: Ivan Topoljnak, Venezuela – Kamon

Kamon is a set of tools that allow you to get valuable metrics and trace information from your Akka/Spray application.

We help developers monitor their servers and applications, so they can know when errors or slow requests are happening and fix them right away.

Mariangel Cristina Perez de Rihtman

Representative: Mariangel Cristina Perez de Rihtman, Venezuela

Came to Croatia and wants to open a restaurant in Zagreb that would serve healthy non-gluten food. Having noticed that Zagreb lacks that kind of restaurant, she decided to open one. She rent a space in the center of the city and started making a business plan.


Representative: Hilal Numanoglu and Zeynep Balay, Turkey  – Migrapreneurs

Migrapreneurs is a social initiative project of two Turkish women entrepreneurs, Hilal Numanoglu and Zeynep Balay. The main purpose of the project is to help third-country national (non-EU) migrants in the job market of the host EU country and support the entrepreneurial activities of migrant entrepreneurs. The pilot country is selected as Croatia. In a nutshell, Migrapreneurs Project aims to help third-country national migrants living in Croatia, who are either seeking jobs or starting their businesses.

Arabic cakes

Representative: Ruba Naddaf, Syria, Arabic cakes

Arabic cakes will be a small pastry shop in Sisak, Croatia. The founder and her family came from Syria, and they baked cakes with the taste of their home. They saw many Croatian people like it, so they decided to scale the production and open a small shop where people can buy Arabic cakes. For now, you can order it via their FB page.

Rice import

Representative: Himatullah Zarak Khan, Themor Barakzai, Afghanistan, Rice import

The idea is to import quality rice to Croatia, from Afghanistan. There is no good rice in Croatia, the founders thought, so they saw a huge gap that they can fill. They found distribution channels (via healthy food chains) and enough customers that would like to buy this kind of rice.

Kabootar for rent

Representative: Zainullah Ibrahimi, Afghanistan, Kabootar for rent

Kabootar in the Persian language means pigeon and the founder’s birth country is Afghanistan, the country where pigeons are everywhere. He is a passionate bird lover and aspiring entrepreneur.  The idea is to import pigeons to Croatia and rent it for PR events, weddings, and promotional events.

Trixee Buckingham

Representative: Trixee Buckingham, USA

As a foreigner in Croatia, she is aware of what knowing a language means, especially if you are a child. So she decided to open a foreign language school, especially for children with special needs. She wants to do it as NGO.

Saffron Perov

Representative: Saffron Perov, USA

Saffron is an art student with a passion for illustration. She recognized how difficult is for young students to present their work and make even a little money. So she decided to develop an online platform for the artists, where they could post and sell their artwork and other small items they made.


migrant talent garden
migrant talent garden
migrant talent garden
migrant talent garden
migrant talent garden
migrant talent garden
migrant talent garden