Want to make good & help migrant entrepreneurs?

Establishing an accelerator is your dream? If you like the idea of Migrant Talent Garden and would like to organize similar hub activities for migrants in your area – we can help! Find useful resources below or contact us.

MTG project partners have completed thorough research to develop a universal methodology on how to create a hub for migrants. The research consists of good practice analysis, study visits, surveys for migrants, interviews with migrants, and surveys for organizations working with migrants.

Following extensive research on migrant entrepreneurship, the MTG project partners have developed a methodology for establishing an incubator for migrants. It encounters main aspects such as training, mentorship, online platform, and a physical hub infrastructure.

Business hubs are the physical spaces where new or potential entrepreneurs can network, develop business ideas, receive training, form mentorships, and meet with potential investors. In this report, MTG project partners will focus on how to set-up a business incubator specifically designed for young migrants.