Our goal is to help you implement your business idea and turn it into reality.

Migrant Talent Garden (MTG), the project financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment, addresses rising migrant youth unemployment by starting an unique entrepreneurship support programme.

Our main goal is to train, mentor & make sure young migrants have a chance to implement their business ideas.

You will get:



All participants will be given consultations with professional mentors.



12 theoretical and practical trainings with top lecturers to perfect your business skills.



Business needs networks; thus, you will be granted access to specialised networking events.

Working Space


Fully-equipped working space for all businesses in the programme.

Good Business Tip #1: know your Customer



Grandpa Alba

The “Grandpa Alba” Food Kiosks will be established in areas with high population of Albanian People in Greece. The restaurants will serve traditional Albanian street food dishes to the customers. Main aim of the company is to create a franchise retail chain of “Grandpa Alba” stores.   


The e-store company aims to crate and develop an e-shop to sale refurbished Pc hardware products to the Greek marketplace. In parallel with the e-shop the company will make direct contacts with schools, universities, companies and government entities which may be interested for low-cost and well-working hardware equipment.

Compost it

The “Compost it” company aims to collect the wastes of the food products from the food industry businesses (super markets, restaurants, food factories etc.) and compost them. After the compost procedure the company will pack the Compost Heap product in 10 kilos packs and will sell it to farmers and small agricultural businesses.

Take me Out

We are a team of young and ambitious people from the areas of marketing and hospitality. Our idea is related to a small cost-effective take out restaurant in the center of Athens, where migrants and natives can take to their offices very fast their unique lunch. Also we program to deliver in less than 20’ in a area of a mile. The preparation of the food in a take away canteen and the possibility to eat fast will be the assets of the place, together with the deep knowledge of this cuisine.  Unlike all other major cities in Europe, the city center of Athens is a migrant area with low rents. A lot of migrants are living and have settled their file there.

Due to the low rents, many companies have been established there. This gives us the opportunity with limited funds to rent a small established hygiene interest property and have two really dynamic target groups.  Migrant workers that are interested in traditional tastes and company workers that would like to try something else 

Grooming business

Our grooming business is state of the art initiative, where people that bring their animals to be groomed, they can also receive a vast number of other time-saving services. Customers can bring their pets and leave them for as much time as they want, since we can also offer the possibility of dog walk service just after the grooming. Also, our business is networking with VET and also places were you can leave your dog when you are away, so you can count on us!

In big cities like Athens, most of the people are busy and they want to receive a big number of services, being engaged in less different places possible.

In our grooming place, where you can leave your pet to do your other duties we can offer also walks, temporary caring for as much as 10 days, socialise with other animals, together with the grooming service. Our place work as a multi-contextual service provision for your pets, especially for busy people!


The INMARKET is an innovative idea, where migrant Middle East based everyday products are for sell, including food, beverages, tea and more. We know the needs of the people from this area and we are in position to provide services like hone.  Our market will have competitive prices and attract curious locals also!

INMARKET offers products that are really difficult to find in the migrant community. In these areas, people are interested into having some native choices in food and every day life essentials. On the same time, these people and also locals are always looking for fair prices, so our store, is the place to be!

WOLT / E FOOD drivers

In Athens, a vast number of young immigrants turn into self employed food delivery workers. Our idea is to set a business to consult with the best practices in order to make more income and on the same time to reduce wasted time and costs related to bikes expenses and wrong use of the apps. The services can also apply to locals.

After covid-19 more and more people started delivering food. We have been working in this field for a number of years, especially in the freelancing applications. A low cost to open consulting firm can offer all interested parties, a guide to start working efficiently in the field.


migrant talent garden
migrant talent garden
migrant talent garden
migrant talent garden
migrant talent garden
migrant talent garden
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