Study Visit in Croatia

Consortium members of the Migrant Talent Garden project gathered together in Zagreb, Croatia on April 11, 2019.

The study visit in Croatia took place on the campus of University College Algebra ( As part of its program, Algebra organizes a 4-month startup acceleration program and on the same date the „Demo Day“ of this program was organized, so the consortium members selected this date so they would be able to watch the final presentations of the program participants.

The Algebra startup program is a continuation of the program previously organized by ZIP, the Croatian member of the MTG consortium. ZIP intends to contribute to the know-how and experience gained during 7 years of running the startup program to contribute to the success of the Migrant Talent Garden project.

During the study visit, project members from the Bulgarian, Greek, Icelandic, Latvian and Lithuanian partner organizations participated, as well as of course the hosts from Croatia.

The key part of the study visit was the workshop during which participants evaluated the steps taken so far and made plans for activities in the near and mid-term future of the project.

Aside from the internal workshop and planning, the ZIP team also organized for the participants to meet Vera Gjokaj. Vera is an activist who is working with migrants in Croatia specifically on the topic of entrepreneurship and supporting them in working to create their own or shared businesses. It was very interesting and enlightening to hear Vera’s experience with the „Taste of Home“ („Okus doma“) project.

The aim of this project was to establish a jointly owned company that would provide cooking and catering for private and business customers based on the native cuisines of the participating migrants. Thus the gap and often mistrust between migrants and native citizens would be bridged. Vera shared her experience and the story of how the „Taste of Home“ project developed over time.

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